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These are materials related to the Community of True Inspiration held by the Special Collections Department of Hamilton College. Non-digital printed materials can be found in the Special Collections Department of the Hamilton College Library.


The Community of True Inspiration, today's Amana Society, is a Pietist sect that began in south central Germany in 1714. The Inspirationists, like the Shakers, were influenced by the "French Prophets," protestant refugees who fled southern France around 1700. The Inspirationists immigrated to the United States from Germany beginning in 1843. They were resident first at Ebenezer, New York (just south of Buffalo), and ultimately settled at Amana, Iowa, beginning in 1855. Although they abandoned communal living in 1932, the religious practice of the Inspirationists remains vital today.


Materials Digitized

  • Photographs - 125 items
  • Ephemera - 12 items

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