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Father Divine


Father Divine's International Peace Mission Movement is based at Woodmont outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its leader Reverend Major Jealous Divine, usually called Father Divine, began attracting followers in the American South during the 1910s. By 1919 the movement was based at Sayville, New York; and in 1933 Father Divine established a headquarters in Harlem. Followers recognize Father Divine as God, and revere his wife Mother Divine, who still resides at Woodmont. Members are celibate and reject racial categorizations. Many of them lived in large hotel buildings called "heavens." The movement is celebrated for its sumptuous banquets. In 1962 Father Divine moved to Woodmont, a National Historic Landmark, which is open to the public and also the location of museum and library.


Materials Digitized

  • The Spoken Word, vols. 1-3 (1932-1936)
  • The New Day (Aug. 11, 1938 - Dec. 28, 1939)

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