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Koreshan Unity

The Special Collections of Hamilton College have nearly complete runs of four periodicals published by the Koreshan Unity: The Guiding Star (Chicago, 1887-1889); The Plowshare and Pruning Hook (San Francisco, 1891-1895); The Flaming Sword (Chicago and Estero, 1890-1948); and The Salvator and Scientist (Allegheny, Pa., 1895-1896). Altogether the collection comprises literally thousands of pages of content, including very interesting material by and about the Harmony Society and the Shakers in the early issues of the Flaming Sword.

The flaming sword
The Guiding Star Pub. House
Periodical publication of the Koreshan Unity, founded by Dr. Cyrus R. Teed (Koresh), Chicago, Illinois. Began in 1889?, Quarterly, 1945-, Monthly, [1925]-1944., Digital resource provided by the Hamilton College Library, Clinton, New York, yhm-spe-kor-fls