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Father Divine

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The new day
A weekly periodical published by the Father Divine Peace Mission beginning in 1937. This website currently contains vol. 1, no. 19 (July 20, 1937) - vol. 2, no. 52 (Dec. 28, 1939)., Digital resource provided by the Hamilton College Library, Clinton, New York, Courtesy of the Peace Mission Movement of Father Divine, Woodmont, Pennsylvania.
The spoken word
​A​ weekly newspaper published by​ the​ ​International Peace Mission Movement​ founded by Reverend Major Jealous Divine​ (​Father Divine​)​​, of Harlem, New York.​ Published from 1930-1950. This website contains vol. 1, no. 1 (October 20, 1934) - vol. 3, no. 20 (December 26, 1936). Vol. 3, nos. 20-81 are in preparation.