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Table of organization: seven theaters of operation, operation "give back"
Tables, cabinets, and grandfather clock in Horst Auction House at Ephrata, Pa.
Tables, cabinets, and grandfather clocks in Horst Auction House at Ephrata, Pa.
Tag Alder. Alnus Serrulata
Tag Alder. Alnus Serrulata
Talent show application
Tank wagon, with two women and a man seated on top and a man standing next to wagon which is hitched to a yoke of oxen
Tannate Bismuth
Tansy Double. Tanacetum Crispum
Tartar Emetic
Tartaric Acid
Telling Stories Mt. Lebanon, Shakers
Temple Square, Salt Lake City
Ten men in front of a fence in Idaho Falls, Idaho
Tenant farm near Lisha Kill on Rosendale Rd.
Tennis courts
Tennis game