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Feverfew. Chrysanthemum Parthenium. United Society, Harvard, Mass.
Peach Water, Warranted to be of the Very Best Quality, for Pastrys, &C. by W. H. Sparrow, Shaker Village, Harvard, Mass.
Preserved Peaches Ready for the Table, from the Harvard Shakers. Sold by William Leonard, Groton Junction, Mass.
Preserved Quince. Prepared in the United Society, Harvard. Mass. Address L.S. Babbitt, or L. Tompkins, So. Groton, Mass or Massachussets House, Boston. Preserved Tomato. Prepared in the United Society, Harvard, Mass. Address L. S Babbitt, or L. Tompkins,
Pulverized Summer Savory: for Seasoning Poultry, Meats, &C. Bogle & Lyles, Agents for the Society of Shakers Grocers Sundries & Hermetically Sealed Goods, 87 and 89 Park Place, N. Y.
Spikenard Root. Aralia Racemosa. United Society, Harvard, Mass.
Squaw Weed, Senecio Obovatus. United Society, Harvard, Mass.