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Acetic Acid Dilute
Advertisement of Hart and Shepard, East Canterbury, New Hampshire
Angelica Leaves, Angelica Atropurpurea
Arnica Bathing
Ash Prickly Pulv. Zanthoxylum Fraxinifolium
Avans Root. Geum Rivale
Balm Lemon. Dracocephalum Virginianum
Barberry Bark Pulv. Berberris Vulgaris
Barberry Bark. Berberris Vulgaris
Barn and Silos, Shakers, E. Canterbury, N. H.
Barn and Silos, Shakers, E. Canterbury, N. H.
Barn, Shaker Village, Canterbury, New Hampshire
Benzoin Tinct.
Bertha Lindsay and Lillian Phelps making imitation popular sewing boxes, Canterbury, New Hampshire
Bertha Lindsey and Lillian Phelps, Canterbury
Bertie -- resting
Beth-Root. Trilium Erectum
Bill of sale of the Canterbury Shakers
Birch trees on either side of a grassy corridor, Canterbury, New Hampshire