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Agnes, Emoretta, Josephine Hewett, Abbie Bartlett
Along the Lebanon Trail. Home of West Pittsfield Shakers
Ann Lee's House (Shaker)
Ayer, Mass. Old Shaker Mill
Ayer, Mass. Shaker Village
Ayer, Mass. Shaker Village
Ayer, Mass. Shakers - South Family
Ayer, Mass. Shakers' Village
Ayer, Mass., Shakers--South Family
Birdseye view Shaker Community, Shirley, Mass.
Bridge, Shaker community, Enfield, New Hampshire
Brother Riccardo
Caroline Gordner's Holiday House for Girls, P.O. address Shirley, Mass.
Caroline Helfrich, 2nd Family, Hancock, Massachusetts
Chair of Mother Ann Lee, 1781-83, in Harvard, desk of Olive Hatch
Chh. Family street and cattle
Church Family "Shakers", Shirley, Mass.
Church Family Shakers, Enfield, Conn.
Church Family Shakers, West Pittsfield, Mass.
Church Family, Shirley