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Ayer, Mass. Old Shaker Mill
Ayer, Mass. Shaker Village
Ayer, Mass., Shakers--South Family
Birdseye view Shaker Community, Shirley, Mass.
Caroline Gordner's Holiday House for Girls, P.O. address Shirley, Mass.
Chh. Family street and cattle
Church Family "Shakers", Shirley, Mass.
Church Family, Shirley
Cottages Nos. 1 and 3 and Cook House., Industrial School for Boys. Shirley, Mass.
Early Frame Cucumber. for ?. ? United Society, Shirley, Mass. (Back; Frame Cucumber)
Early Horn Carrot. United Society (Called Shakers) Shirley, Mass
Elm trees, Sister's Shop & other buildings, Chh. Family
Harvard Shakers. Harvard, Mass.
Industrial School for Boys, Cottage No. 6, Shirley, Mass.
Joanna Randall
Meeting house, Shirley Shakers
North Family buildings, from rear
Old Shaker Mill, Ayer, Mass.
Old Shaker Mill, Ayer, Mass.
Old Shaker Mill, Ayer, Mass.